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Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, Certified Public Accountants and Consultants

Cherry, Bekaert & Holland, Certified Public Accountants and Consultants makes its professional objectives known with a clear and concise mission statement: "To make a difference for our People and our Clients." Successful missions are associated with the foresight to expect results from the mission's efforts. CB&H's mission is backed by a clear vision of the real reason the firm exists: its staff and clients. Because CB&H has vested so much in establishing a highly-capable and elite team, and because the firm's core values are based on providing the highest standard of service, it has the confidence and foresight to declare its vision: "To be the ELITE accounting and consulting firm in the Southeast region serving entrepreneurs, middle-market enterprises, public sector organizations and successful individuals."

With multiple locations in Virginia, including the headquarters in Richmond, as well as offices in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, CB&H is the second largest regional firm serving businesses in the Southwestern U.S. The firm has developed industry-specific specialty groups experienced in the unique advisory needs of many diverse industries and client types. Developing specialty groups has allowed the firm to provide expert-level, individually tailored assurance, tax, and advisory services to educational institutions, financial institutions, government contractors and government entities, healthcare providers, manufacturing & distribution companies, nonprofits, real estate & construction companies, restaurateurs & retailers, sports & entertainment companies, and the technology & life sciences industry.

CB&H ultimately seeks to add value to each client's bottom line and strives to provide clients with the greatest possible value by incorporating three pillars into every client interaction: Solutions. Character. Depth. The best and most effective solutions to issues that today's businesses are likely to encounter come from knowledge and experience combined with an individually tailored approach and the optimal use of all available resources. Character is defined by trustworthiness, and long-term relationships are always built on trust and mutual respect. CB&H works to foster these long-term relationships by earning its clients' trust through being proactive, helpful, responsive, and very knowledgeable of the industries it serves. CB&H offers its clients the depth of knowledge and understanding of over 650 accounting, auditing, taxation, and management advisory professionals, as well as the resource base of thousands more available through the firm's affiliation with Baker Tilly International. The unique skills of each one of these professionals can be accessed to address and resolve even the most complex issues CB&H's clients may encounter.


Richmond, Virginia (Firm Headquarters)
200 South 10th Street, Suite 900
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Phone 804.673.4224
Fax 804.673.4290

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We reached out to August P. Keller III, firm principal and Director of Marketing, Strategic Growth & Specialization to ask a few questions about being part of a highly-respected award winning firm recognized as among the biggest in the nation and accountable for nearly $100 million in yearly revenue.

1. With over 650 accountants, auditors, advisors, and analysts in its employ, $99.5 million in yearly revenue, and over 25,000 clients, CB&H is the second largest CPA firm in the Southeast, and 28th largest in the U.S. Despite its size and success, the firm continues to assert its commitment to client service through the CPaR (Communications, Performance and Relationships) program. Could you explain the tenets of this program and, with respect to its proprietary nature, generally how it works?


2. CB&H is an inductee into the Inside Business Best Places to Work Hall of Fame and has also won Triangle's Best Places To Work award for four years straight. Even among the firm's other accomplishments, it is very much worth noting how happy and satisfied the firm's employees are. Could you describe how CB&H's leadership helps promote such a great work environment?


3. CB&H has many industry-specific specialty groups dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each of the industries and client types it serves. Among these is technology & life science. This seems to show real foresight on the part of the firm and is quite unique among CPA and professional services firms. Can you describe how CB&H came to specialize in serving the technology & life science industry?