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Texas Accountant and CPA Salaries

According to salary information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accountants in Texas earned an average of $71,850 in 2012.  Wages are substantially higher for licensed CPAs in the state.  Accountants who were in the top 10 percent salary bracket earned $125,720 in the Houston area.  Tax preparers in the top 10th percentile in Corpus Christi made $100,630, while the average for Texas overall was $40,520 that year.

The salary data for accounting and finance positions in Texas were provided by the 2013 Robert Half Salary Guide.  According to the guide, salaries of internal auditors at midsized corporations varied from $77,700 in El Paso to $114,885 in Austin.  Forensic accountants made a high salary of $118,830 in Dallas, while CFOs earned as much as $267,650 in Houston.  Controllers at small firms averaged $95,594 in San Antonio, while larger firms in the city paid up to $171,238. 

Accounting Salaries in Texas

Area name Employment Hourly mean wage Annual mean wage Hourly median wage Hourly 75th percentile wage Hourly 90th percentile wage Annual median wage Annual 75th percentile wage Annual 90th percentile wage
Abilene TX46027.815784025.8133.6742.27536907004087920
Amarillo TX88034.917261031.2840.7853.696506084820111670
Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos TX911031.476546028.7437.2948.775979077560101430
Beaumont-Port Arthur TX82032.386736028.7340.0050.095975083200104190
Brownsville-Harlingen TX53031.576567026.1334.9944.34543507278092230
College Station-Bryan TX58031.286506025.0234.4273.155205071590152150
Corpus Christi TX94031.676588024.834.4053.335157071540110930
Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington TX2905035.927471032.1043.4756.386676090410117270
Dallas-Plano-Irving TX Metropolitan Division2195036.337556032.3943.9956.726738091500117970
El Paso TX183024.555106022.6128.9138.43470206014079930
Fort Worth-Arlington TX Metropolitan Division710034.657206031.2341.8355.036496087010114450
Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown TX2824037.437785032.5644.0560.446773091610125720
Killeen-Temple-Fort Hood TX59031.676587027.1736.6248.515651076170100900
Laredo TX61027.745771027.9934.2537.51582107124078030
Longview TX51031.836621030.2739.1751.316296081470106730
Lubbock TX76028.045831023.4431.4343.05487406538089540
McAllen-Edinburg-Mission TX68026.875589025.2031.4039.89524206530082960
Midland TX101035.917469031.4242.4361.226536088260127330
Odessa TX43034.557186029.4237.3358.896118077640122490
San Angelo TX28027.405699025.7531.3041.55535706510086420
San Antonio-New Braunfels TX609033.036869029.9440.0051.566228083200107240
Sherman-Denison TX17029.076046026.5936.1245.96553107513095610
Texarkana-Texarkana TX-AR21028.946020028.0834.4542.19584007166087760
Tyler TX50033.046872028.2341.6352.425873086580109030
Victoria TX28030.286297026.1734.5445.03544207184093650
Waco TX70028.755980025.9234.9346.03539007265095750
Wichita Falls TX34029.986236024.9533.6148.685190069920101250
Northwestern Texas nonmetropolitan area128027.585737023.8834.2449.984968071220103960
North Central Texas nonmetropolitan area42030.416324027.1835.1756.225653073160116930
Eastern Texas nonmetropolitan area174030.976441028.1135.8444.05584707454091620
Central Texas nonmetropolitan area73027.215660022.9129.8241.12476506201085520
Southern Texas nonmetropolitan area40027.965816025.8833.5643.57538306980090620
Gulf Coast Texas nonmetropolitan area63027.595738024.4432.3640.53508406731084300

Salary and employment data compiled by the United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics in May of 2013. Figures represent accumulated data for all areas of specialty within the field of accounting and auditing.
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