Becoming A Manager

forex money managerAs a manager whether at top management, middle, or otherwise, you qualify and were hired for your position because one or more persons (including yourself) must have believed in your ability to make rational decisions with proper oversight of many different factors.  Being a boss or manager is an essential combination of not only decision making but leadership and communication…..or, if you prefer, acceptance of responsibility and leadership.  Some bosses can be overly cautious and they literally trust no one else to make decisions or to assist them by with input or supplying the right information for the benefit of their decision making.  Those bosses often get so overwhelmed that they can barely leave the office.  Other managers blithely delegate to their employees almost ever decision because they would rather concentrate on their golf and racquetball games, or developing new martini formulas.  The best managers and bosses (and lets hope they constitute the majority) fit in between these two extremes above.

All decisions by definition, relate to the future.   Decisions involve judgements as to the results of one or more choices among alternative courses of action.  When decision making situations arise, a good manager will know what kind of information is required to guide and applying discernment about the best solution to each problem.  Good bosses develop the supportive personnel necessary to be able to call for, and get, the relevant information in a hurry.  They do not usually develop the information themselves, they delegate the jobs.  Good bosses and managers should know what the information providers are doing with their time.  They must understand what the information means so that they can call for it as needed rather than depend passively on their helpers to decide what they need.