Accountants Jumping on the Telecommuting Train

The results are in and a survey regarding telecommuting shows that 70 percent of workers prefer to work from home instead of the office – perhaps not surprisingly. Advances in marketing and client engagement through social media and business platforms in conjunction with employers becoming increasingly flexible, have allowed accounting professionals to become part of the telecommuting workforce.

Bill Driscoll, district president for Accountemps says that the telecommuting trend has been steadily growing during recent years. “Employees see it as a perk,” he said. Driscoll feels that the new trend is healthy and removes commute time, which allows more family time for employees. “The most important thing is to have communication between the employer and their supervisor,” he added.

Work-from-home opportunities have increased during the past three years. Companies with more than 1,000 employees generally have more telecommuting opportunities than smaller companies. CFO’s surveyed believe telecommuting increases productivity while boosting morale and retention.

Technology has become sophisticated enough that working from home in any field is becoming more common. Firms now of any size can invest in the mobile technology needed to set up a successful remote workforce.

Accountemps offers five tips for companies and employees researching telecommuting options:

  1. Establish guidelines The employee should have a solid performance record and be in a role that makes sense for telecommuting. For instance, an employee who works with customers in person would not be a good candidate.
  2. Clarify expectations – The employee should be available and accessible during normal work hours.
  3. Pick up the phone or use video conferencing Accountemps feels that hearing or seeing an employee adds value to the conversation instead of only relying on email.
  4. Promote the perk to prospective and existing staff – Companies should promote telecommuting opportunities to new and current staff. Telecommute can increase retention.
  5. Be vigilant about software security – Firewalls and other software security options must be maintained and understood by the employee.