Accounting Found to be the Most Underrated Profession in America

According to a recent report, the accounting profession is the most underrated profession in America. Surprising to many is the report’s findings that on the other end of the spectrum, careers like corporate executive, advertising account manager, and public relations executive were ranked as being the most overrated despite the public perception that they are exciting, fast-paced, and highly sought-after career paths.

Advanced medical professions like surgeons and certain specialists as well as lawyers, novelists, and stockbrokers were also on the list of top ten most overrated jobs.

The reasons for these jobs being overrated are many and varied, and include a propensity for high stress levels, low prospects, and a high level of difficulty getting established in the profession. Despite the fact that salary is one of the leading factors in determining why a given individual chooses a particular career path, it doesn’t preclude certain jobs from being considered overrated.

As an example, surgeons earn an average annual salary of just over $230,000. Surgeons earn some of the highest average salaries of any professions included in the report. Nevertheless, many outside the profession consider the years spent in medical school, the long and often unpredictable hours, and the high stress level not worth the high salary.

Accounting, on the other hand, is considered the single most underrated profession in the United States primarily because of its high potential for career growth. Other factors that make it the most underrated job include relatively low stress and the opportunity to make a difference.

The consensus among those within the accounting profession is that it may not be the most glamorous job in the world, but it is indeed one of the most fulfilling. Career fulfillment was cited as the main reason why accountants enjoy their jobs.