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Just Completed a Master’s in Accounting? … Here’s 5 Things You Need to Be Thinking About

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Okay, okay… so you just graduated with your master’s, you probably shouldn’t start worrying just yet. Go out and party a little bit first. Accountant party, of course, nothing too wild—get crazy and forget all about saving your receipt from the bar tab. Woohoo! You animal! But accountants are worriers by nature. You’re methodical and … Continue reading

An Examination of Professional Ethics in Retrospect: The Enron/Arthur Anderson Scandal

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In 2001, the Enron scandal erupted; by 2002, Arthur Anderson collapsed, and the Big Five Accounting firms became the Big Four. Even nearly twenty years on, this scandal and the ensuring collapse of one of the world’s most respected accounting firms stands as the single best example of just how badly things can go wrong. … Continue reading

Machine Learning and the Accounting Profession: Is It a Perfect Match or the End of the Accountant?

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In coffee shops and at dinner tables around the country, you’ll likely hear doom-and-gloom conversations about technology squeezing the American worker out of a job; conversations that speak to the evils of an increasingly automated nation capable of producing goods and services without the help of Joe Worker. While blue collar workers have faced these … Continue reading

The Race to 150: Creative Solutions for Getting the Credits You Need to Become a CPA

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30—quite possibly the only number that leaves some aspiring CPAs scratching their head in bewilderment. So what could make a little ‘ol number unnerve the same people who make their money crunching columns packed with digits? When it’s the only thing that stands between them and a CPA license. There’s no getting around it. Every … Continue reading

How the Trump Administration Wants to Change Business Tax Codes and What this Could Mean for CPAs

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Donald Trump singled out tax preparation firm H&R Block on Wednesday as the only likely detractor of his administration’s new tax plan, but his words were a shot across the bow of CPAs and accounting firms all across America. “H&R Block probably won’t be too happy. That’s one business that might not be happy with … Continue reading

AICPA Expresses Concern over Federal Agencies’ Proposed Changes to Form 5500

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Back in July several federal agencies including the Department of Labor (DOL), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. jointly filed a proposed revision of Form 5500. Since then, the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) has expressed concerns that some, not all, of the proposed changes could result in inconsistencies and … Continue reading

Nonfilers Owe Billions to the IRS

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While it may seem hard to believe, nearly 2 million people who didn’t file their taxes for tax years 2012 and 2013 owed about $7.4 billion to the IRS as of May 2016. Fortunately for taxpayers, the IRS plants to change how it deals with people who don’t file their tax returns.  Accounting Today described … Continue reading

The IRS Grants Tax Relief to Hurricane Matthew Victims

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As if going through the trauma of a major hurricane is not enough, having to file taxes on time can be a serious problem for people who suffered major losses.  Realizing this, the IRS extended the tax deadlines for victims of Hurricane Matthew. Victims in parts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and most of North … Continue reading

Automated Machines to Replace Thousands of Accounting Positions at Walmart

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Earlier this summer, employees in accounting positions at Wal-Mart began worrying that machines would soon replace them. And after months of waiting, their fears have been realized. According to the Wall Street Journal, in September Wal-Mart officially announced it plans to eradicate roughly 7,000 accounting jobs across 500 stores over the following months. These money-counting … Continue reading

MOVE Project Names Best CPA Firms for Women

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In 2015 the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) reported that although nearly half of all new CPAs entering the field were women, only about 14% of women held partner or principal positions. So what’s being done to integrate more female CPAs into executive roles? Ever sine 1989, the AICPA has continued developing its Women’s Initiatives … Continue reading