Connecticut Accountant Holds Employees to Higher Standard

When many people picture successful businessmen, the image that comes to mind is not always a kind one. The cutthroat business world often lends itself to the stereotype of a profit minded hard line executive with a scrooge like focus on the bottom line instead of the needs of their employees and community.

However, this extreme attitude is certainly not the only way to guide a successful business, especially if accountant Frank Marrocco and his staff at his New Britain, Connecticut accounting firm have anything to say about it.

Marrocco himself has been an accountant since the 70s, with many of his original clients still working with him today. Part of this is because of his accounting firm’s commitment to its principles. Their goal is  “To provide full service accounting and tax services. Our philosophy is to help our clients attain their financial goals with innovative, high-quality services delivered on time and economically.”

They have stuck firmly to these principles, and provided excellent service to the New Britain community. However, Marrocco’s firm has done more than just achieve financial success. They have also done their best to be a moral example to their community.

Marrocco volunteers his skills regularly, and his employees follow suit. Marrocco acts as the treasurer for the town’s yearly Oktoberfest celebration. He sits on the board of the local Lion’s Club, the Chamber of Commerce, non profit Interfaith Housing Inc., the Boys and Girls Club, and of their local youth hockey organization.

By giving back to their community in such a huge way, Marrocco and his team have done more than just provide a measure of financial stability to New Britain. They also stand as an example of how a business can be run with strong moral principles and still remain competitive in today’s business world.