Fargo CPA Launches Charitable Website Selling Art

During her childhood in rural Minnesota, Trisha Bothum had a dream of being of service to others by becoming a nurse. That dream changed when she got to college, however, and she decided that she could be of better service to those in her community by becoming a certified public accountant. Bothum’s career has been an impressive one by any standard. She has worked as a CPA for a variety of notable companies such as Fluor Daniel, the Target Corporation, and Oracle. In 2006, she broke away from the traditional employment route to start her own accounting firm, Reliance Associates, in Fargo, North Dakota.

In 2014, Bothum launched Reddometta, a shopping website that she says derives its name from a cross between the Latin word “reddo” which means “to give back” and the ancient Pali word “metta” which means “the practice of universal love.” According to Bothum, Reddometta is an e-commerce website that is similar to Etsy but with the biggest difference being that a portion of the sales generated go to organizations that benefit women and children. She describes the site as a way for consumers to “shop with a cause.”

Bothum got the idea to start a charitable website for women and children when she was in college. Her site features works of art for sale from artists from all over the world which she decided to sell because she has developed a strong love for art but says she doesn’t have any artistic talent herself. According to Bothum, “I [don’t have] any artistic outlets. I’m a CPA. I come in and do my books [so] this is kind of the start for my artistic side.”

She admits that accounting and art don’t have much in common but that she uses her love of art and her skill and passion for accounting to maintain the website and her firm for the benefit of women and children all over the world who are in need.