About AccountingEDU.org

AccountingEDU.org was created based on the idea that aspiring CPAs and other accounting professionals need a comprehensive resource that makes the world of accounting and finance understandable and accessible. All too often these topics are presented at a level beyond the scope of understanding of those just beginning to explore these complex concepts. Just as often, these topics are presented at an elementary level that lacks the depth and breadth necessary to convey the information readers need to gain a full understanding.

AccountingEDU.org began its mission to bridge this gap by collaborating with experienced CPAs and other accounting professionals to determine what kind of resource would’ve been useful to them when they began exploring education, credential, and career options. The unanimous response was that aspiring accountants could really use a free, all-inclusive and objective resource that brings together clear explanations of national certification options, educational requirements for specific career paths, regionally specific salary expectations, and state CPA licensing standards.

AccountingEDU.org was then developed in collaboration with CPAs and other accounting professionals to be a truly useful tool that would serve both aspiring accountants and seasoned professionals alike. The site takes a broad approach to careers in accounting and finance to give young readers a chance to freely explore career paths and job options. More experienced accountants and would-be CPAs find the more targeted state specific step-by-step instructions on CPA licensure and continuing professional education requirements indispensable.

We encourage you to use this resource freely and to share it with friends, classmates, and colleagues.