Accountants Prefer Problem – Solving Over Working with Numbers

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A recent survey conducted by a financial recruitment service has cast a revealing light on the proclivities and interests of professionals who are working within the finance sector. In an attempt to identify the main area of interest that these professionals are drawn to, Robert Half carried out a survey which largely revolved around a query pertaining to the main area that brings the most amount of fulfillment for professionals within the field of finance and accounting. The responses supplied by the survey’s 2,500 respondents revealed results that are a bit unexpected.

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The responses of the survey were classified according to a number of categories. The major areas of interest that the respondents identified were the following:

  • Making calculated recommendations for enterprises they were working for
  • Picking up new technological discoveries
  • Working on mathematical equations, and resolving problems

Responses that didn’t fall under these categories were tagged as responses that fell under the “other” category.

The majority of the survey’s respondents reported that they derived the most amount of fulfillment from untangling problems. The next category that finance and accounting majors were drawn to had to with dealing with numbers. The rest of the respondents preferred to deal with calculated recommendations and working with new technology.

The key role that is played by finance and accounting professionals within various business fields cannot be overstated. The findings of this recent survey can be utilized to harness the skills and knowledge of these professionals and bolster vital business processes. With savvy management techniques, business managers can easily direct the interests of their finance team to address problem areas and refine processes.