Three Ways Accountants are Reaching Millennials

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Millennials who want to be more fiscally savvy are more often looking for a little outside help. Smart accountants are stepping up and shifting their marketing to meet those needs.

In the Internet age, the simple fact is that a young person looking for a personal accountant is more likely to immediately Google “accountants near me” rather than open a Yellow Pages book or stop by an office on their commute to work.

Accountants across the field are seeing this shift, and working to keep step with it. Here are three ways you can better reach millennial consumers.

1. Clients are reaching through the Internet, reach back.

British business software host Business Backbone recommends accountants utilize social media giants like Twitter and Facebook to reach clientele, rather than traditional advertising.

65% of Americans use the Internet to research and purchase goods and services, according to Ipsos Market Research Company. Accountants seeking to tap into these markets need to establish an online presence that can keep up. Those with pages that are easy to navigate, helpful, and visually pleasing can expect a surge of business in the new year.

2. What millennials value: local business and community

In a time when corporations are larger than they’ve ever been, it can be easy for accountants who work independently or in smaller settings to forego an Internet presence. But millennial consumers value the personal service and reliability of small businesses.

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Use this to your advantage by advertising specifically, rather than generally. Mention the city you practice in, their sports teams or colleges, to show you are an involved part of the community rather than a faceless entity looking for money.

3. Programs like Mint and Cashbox should be part of your arsenal

There are a whole score of Internet programs and apps for personal finance, but that does not mean that millennial consumers no longer need accounting support. Most of these apps entail large, complex spreadsheets that can be intimidating to navigate.

Accountants who understand and can refer customers to these programs, in addition to offering expertise and good finance habits, will better satisfy today’s consumer.

Accounts who succeed in these three areas should expect a surge of new business in 2016.