The Five Most Popular Areas of Study for Accountants – Other than Accounting

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Choosing a career in accounting requires education, experience and a long term commitment. If you are considering a career in accounting you want to be sure you have the skills required for success.

One of the most important steps in becoming an Accountant is getting the right education. Most accountants hold a bachelor’s degree. If you want to become a CPA a bachelor’s degree is the minimum education requirement.

Accounting is a great choice for students that are 100% sure they want to be in the field of accounting. Degrees can be achieved from the associate’s level through the doctorate level.

There are four popular areas of specialization you may want to choose as a concentration in your accounting program if you have your sites set on a career in a specific area of specialty:

  • Auditing
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Taxation

Auditing is a specialized degree related to accounting. Most often it is only in graduate level programs. Courses for this degree cover the auditing process, responsibilities and ethics, evidence organization and document collection.

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A Business degree gives students the option to learn about accounting alongside other related topics. Degrees in business offer students an education in management, finance and marketing. This gives them many job opportunities after completion.

Finance is similar to a business degree in that it gives students a wider range of opportunities. Students in this program learn account principles alongside money management, stock investment, banking and other areas.

Taxation is for those students looking to specialize in accountancy law, research and procedures dealing with taxation. This is a great degree for those who want to become CPAs. Another great career track with this degree is consulting and becoming an attorney.