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MOVE Project Names Best CPA Firms for Women

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In 2015 the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) reported that although nearly half of all new CPAs entering the field were women, only about 14% of women held partner or principal positions. So what’s being done to integrate more female CPAs into executive roles? Ever sine 1989, the AICPA has continued developing its Women’s Initiatives … Continue reading

Three Ways Accountants are Reaching Millennials

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Millennials who want to be more fiscally savvy are more often looking for a little outside help. Smart accountants are stepping up and shifting their marketing to meet those needs. In the Internet age, the simple fact is that a young person looking for a personal accountant is more likely to immediately Google “accountants near … Continue reading

Government Budgeting Strategies May Leave Local Governments Vulnerable to Debt

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While the average person might employ an accountant to help them balance their budget, understanding the role that accountants have to play in governments is an extremely complicated prospect. One need look no further than Detroit’s financial problems to understand the complexities of balancing a city’s budget. It has been a full year since the … Continue reading

SEC Chief Accountant Speaks on Current and Future Issues

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James Schnurr, Securities and Exchange Commission Chief Accountant believes that public audit quality is improving overall but believes there is still room to improve. While inspection comments for large and second-tier businesses have been on the rise over the past seven years, Schnurr says that does not mean audit quality is deteriorating. The increased comments … Continue reading

Creative Accounting Practices Lead to Real Gains – But Investors Beware

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Creative accounting practices can often mean the difference between success and failure for a business, and not just because these accounting practices promote good organizational goals and practices. Presenting financial gains and losses in a certain light can have a huge influence on how investors access the worth of a company. Medallion Financial Corp. took … Continue reading

Staffing Issues Indicate a Looming Accounting Industry Employment Crisis

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When asked about the problems facing the accounting industry, a variety of leading executives interviewed by Accounting Today had one problem on their minds. “People, people, people,” said American Institute of CPA’s (AICPA) vice president Mark Koziel. Finding and retaining quality staff has become an issue within the accounting industry, and with an overwhelming number … Continue reading

Successful Start-Up Airbnb Talks About it Looks for in an Accountant

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Small tech start-ups have become one of the most fascinating phenomenons in business today, producing massive revenue quickly as the public catches on to a new app, website, or social media platform. A successful new piece of tech can turn a nobody into a billionaire almost overnight. In an increasingly tech savvy culture, more and … Continue reading

ACCA and TalentCorp Unite to Support Malaysia’s Future Accountants

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The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) penned a Partnership Agreement with Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) on September 3rd, 2015. The ACCA is a London-based international association for professional accountants boasting 178,000 members and 445,00 students spanning 180 countries, with kore than 80 active global accountancy partnerships. Although the ACCA has a long-standing history … Continue reading

Study Finds Accounting to Be the Most Profitable Private Business Sector in the United States

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For someone interested in becoming an accountant, healthy finances are obviously important. Someone interested in managing money for others is likely fairly capable of managing money for themselves. According to a recent study by Sageworks, a financial information company, accounting firms represent the most profitable business industry sector in the U.S. With a net profit … Continue reading

Connecticut Accountant Holds Employees to Higher Standard

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When many people picture successful businessmen, the image that comes to mind is not always a kind one. The cutthroat business world often lends itself to the stereotype of a profit minded hard line executive with a scrooge like focus on the bottom line instead of the needs of their employees and community. However, this … Continue reading