Finding Annual Reports on the Internet

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Shareholders and potential investors or money lenders will utilize annual reports to help them evaluate the soundness of their investment. Thankfully, with access to the Internet, various company’s annual reports can be easily found online. However, if preferred, annual reports can still be obtained in the more traditional way.

A company’s annual report can be acquired by contacting the company directly using a written letter, telephone call or the Internet. Many companies post their annual reports online at their website. There are also annual report services which permit orders for reports that can be placed online. Many of these sites also furnish digital annual reports that can be viewed online or downloaded.

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Online Annual Report Services

  • The Public Register’s Annual Report Service

This site offers its services free of charge. A request for an annual report can be placed and within 24 hours, it will be processed and shipped for free. There is a limitation however of 8 reports per order. Find a report by entering the company’s stock ticker symbol or finding the company’s name listed in alphabetical order. It has a shopping cart feature where the reports desired can be placed there for order. Simply check-out with the appropriate mailing information and submit it to the site.

  • The SEC’s EDGAR System

This site makes the reports and filings of publicly traded companies available to all. Their purpose is to ensure the fairness and efficiency of the securities market by making even time-sensitive information readily accessible. There is a tutorial on the site to assist in using the EDGAR system.

  • Market Watch

To retrieve information here, enter the company’s name and obtain its stock ticker symbol. Or, enter the stock ticker symbol to obtain the company name.