The Importance of Social Media for Your Accounting Business

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You want to remain competitive in the marketplace in terms of marketing, yet the thought of not getting a return on your investment drives you insane. It may be easier to ignore the fact that social media has become an important marketing tool than actually dive head first into this marketing strategy.

Accountants who regularly participate in social media receive more referrals, gain the interest of prospective clients, and retain their clients longer. Sure, there are a number of other ways to market yourself and your business, but social media is one of the easiest – and dare I say one of the most enjoyable – forms of communicating with current and potential clients in our high-tech society.

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What does social media marketing mean? For most accountants, it means taking a few moments each day to post updates on any number of social medial platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Your participation in social media marketing involves concentrating on a few, key aspects:

  • Always remember that social media is about building relationships.
  • Always remember that your job is to position yourself as an expert in your field.
  • If one form of social media doesn’t produce results, try another platform.
  • If you don’t engage clients through social media, you can be certain your competitors will.

Before engaging in social media marketing, consider how much time you want to devote to it each day and then set that time aside, without fail. Maybe you want to post a blog or status update first thing every morning, after you check your email, or maybe you want to set aside some time after lunch each day to post something on Twitter. The key is to make sure your presence is constant and consistent, and that the information you are sharing positions yourself as an expert in the field.

Remember to be engaging, be relevant, and be approachable. Take the social media experience as an opportunity to show potential and current clients that you have a pulse on current events that affect your industry, and don’t be afraid to be lighthearted and relaxed with your posts.